PRUInvest USD Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund

Fund Facts
Fund TypeEquity feeder fund, multi-class fund
Product Risk ProfileAggressive investors who value maximizing returns and is willing to accept substantial risk
Minimum initial, maintaining, additional and redemption amountUSD 1,000
Minimum holding period30 business days (Any redemption made during this holding period is subject to a pre-termination fee of 0.50% of the redeemed amount.)
Subscription Settlement DateT + 2 business days
Redemption Settlement DateT + 7 business days
Trust Fee1.70% per annum (0.85% per annum for institutional investors)
Order Cut-Off Time10:30 AM (Cut-off time is temporarily moved from 2:30 PM to 10:30 AM until further notice, due to limited operational mobility during the community quarantine implemented in the Philippines.)
Target FundEastspring Investments Global Technology Fund
*T = Transaction date

Fund allocation

At least 90% allocated in Eastspring Investments Global Technology Fund
At most 10% allocated in USD time deposits, treasury bills, and other short-term government securities.

Fund Documents

Plan Rules/Declaration of Trust
Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statements