PRUInvest USD Liquid Fund

Fund Facts
Fund TypeMoney market fund, multi-class fund
Product Risk ProfileConservative investors who seek to minimize risk and loss
Minimum initial, maintaining, additional and redemption amountUSD 1,000
Minimum holding periodNone
Subscription Settlement DateT + 1 business day
Redemption Settlement DateT + 3 business days
Trust Fee0.50% per annum (0.25% per annum for institutional investors)
Order Cut-Off Time10:30 AM (Cut-off time is temporarily moved from 2:30 PM to 10:30 AM until further notice, due to limited operational mobility during the community quarantine implemented in the Philippines.)
*T = Transaction date

Fund allocation

100% allocated in USD time deposits, treasury bills, and other short-term government securities.

Fund Documents

Plan Rules/Declaration of Trust
Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statements